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TUNED MOOC will have these categories of potential users:

  1. Professors in HEIs in any subjects
  2. Teacher educators in HEIs
  3. Initial Teacher Education and Continuing Training program developers.

Although the Partnership will draft the course for HEI sector, the MOOC is obviously fully open and will benefit from the pedagogical framework, as Project Result 1. PR2 will be conceptualized in a modular way, allowing interested stakeholders to bring single lessons and modules for their needs. These will attract a broader audience, such as: pre-service and in-service schoolteachers, students in pedagogy and psychology, etc. AIMS The MOOC will include lessons based on self-regulated learning and motivation strategies in distance teaching. The course will be drafted as a short training programme. It will offer online materials, such as podcasts, videos and, whenever possible, webinars and practical experiences of professors in different scientific areas. TUNED MOOC will incorporate collaborative construction functionalities (actually being a cMOOC) of a shared corpus opposed to the transmission of a corpus “state of the art” through classic xMOOC designs. Collaboration will be controllable in order to avoid chaotic or non-controllable learning. cMOOC will facilitate collaborative learning and communication when needed. Participants will also learn by making connections, through communicating and collaborating with others. This way, basic educational goals can be set and reached and at the same time, the subject offered is provided in a flexible manner. The assessment of learners will be multi-faceted. For the design and development of the MOOC we will use formal standards such as ELOT:1429 and MOOQ’s Quality Reference Framework for MOOCs (based on ISO/IEC 40180). All told, the aims of the PR2 are:

  1. To define a course syllabus on SRL and motivation.
  2. To develop a set of MOOC learning contents including co-created OERs and contents by the professors and lecturers of HEIs as teaching models in virtual or blended classroom.
  3. To deliver video contents made with professional shape and aimed at increasing the motivation in MOOC.
  4. To integrate the serious game and ARG methodologies, as the practical component of the MOOC lessons.


PR2 will be highly tangible because will deliver a concrete Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) entirely developed at M28. In the next month (M28) will be the official international presentation of the whole platform (ME5). For this reason it has intrinsically a transferability potential for a wide audience and the course will be drafted in order to have a potential for an easy integration into the daily practices of the HEIs’ professors all over the Europe. However, a potential of PR2 is the translation in more languages. MOOC will be in 5 languages: English, Italian, Finnish, Greek and Dutch. The expected impact is to provide a practical support to the professors for the management of motivation and collaboration through the online teaching, by providing a short training programme with
recognized micro-credentials in higher education sector.


The MOOC will be on after the project end. Throughout a promotion strategy, implemented in A3, the Partnership will work on enlarging the languages covered. At the same time, the project will sustain the production of new OERs by HEIs’ professors, seeking the technological changes during the time (i.e. new platforms, updated risks for learners for the adoption of innovative tools, etc.)


As showed in the Annex 2–State of Art, TUNED MOOC will be a complete innovation in the field, promoting self-regulated learning strategies. In addition, students, that are the HEIs professors and teacher educators, will be also active in the development of the MOOC, by proposing their lessons as best practises. The project will include these and will provide awards for the best OERs in the ME5 and ME6 (and in an annual conference).

01/12/2022 - 29/02/2024 ; English , Finnish , Italian , Greek , Dutch