Oulun Yliopisto

Oulu, Finland

The Learning and Educational Technology Research Unit with ist LeaF lab (https://www.oulu.fi/leaf-eng/) The Learning and Educational Technology Research Unit is committed to research in the learning sciences and technology-enhanced learning. LET contributes to theory-based solutions for better learning and LET research implements advanced technologies to enable people to continuously develop their skills to learn, work, and live profitably. The focus is on selfregulated learning, and especially the integration of theories on the social, cognitive and motivational processes of learning. LET tackles the challenge that learning in and for the 21st century requires – beyond knowledge – motivational competence and effective learning strategies in individual and collaborative work in formal education and informal – workbased – learning settings. Managing one’s learning as well as that of the group in which one functions requires selfregulation skills that are both individual and shared. Through experimental and design-based research LET develops instructional strategies, computer supported collaborative learning methods and learning tools in multidisciplinary cooperation to facilitate and enhance individual and collaborative learning. In practice, LET is interested in enhancing both the process of learning (how one learns) as well its products (what one learns). LET aims to make learning and teaching more effective, efficient and enjoyable, make students more aware of their learning and help them better manage their learning through optimal use of learning technologies. University of Oulu The University of Oulu is an international science university which creates innovation for the future, well-being, and knowledge through research and education. Founded in 1958, our community is 13 000 students and 2900 employees strong, and one of the biggest and the most multidisciplinary universities in Finland. The University of Oulu’s special strength is bringing science and the different actors of society closer together. We want our research results and expertise to be in active use. We are pioneers in creating and understanding our digital future. We produce impactful, high-quality science as part of the international science community. We are an appealing place for studying and working, and we educate sought-after experts to meet society’s needs. Our goal is to also be a pioneer in the digital breakthrough of work and education. Sustainable development is a goal in all of our operations. Faculty of Education and Teacher Training School The Faculty of Education is a multidisciplinary expert organisation for training, research and development in the field of education and teaching.
The faculty provides high-quality education and research in a multidisciplinary and international academic environment.
Research in the Faculty of Education mainly addresses the university’s focus areas of Understanding humans in change and Digital solutions in sensing and interactions. The main theme of research is education in a changing world. Research in the faculty is seeking solutions to how man can exert an active influence on changes instead of just reacting to them.
The Faculty of Education co-operates with local, regional and national as well as international partners, for example in connection with numerous co-operative projects. One of co-operation partners is the Oulu University Teacher Training School, which is a scientifically oriented practice school for teachers at the University of Oulu. The teacher training school provides primary and secondary education, organises supervised teaching practice forming part of the pedagogical studies in primary and secondary teacher education, takes part in the development of teacher education, and participates in research, experimenting and development activities to support learning and teaching. We also organise in-service training for teachers and school principals both from Finland and elsewhere.

Skills of key persons involved in the project

LET is internationally recognized for the theoretical advancement of SRL and research on technology enhanced learning, as well as its use of process-oriented research methods. LET research has achieved several theoretical, methodological and practical results, especially internationally well known in progressing the SRL theory in the social context (socially shared regulation of learning-SSRL (Järvelä & Hadwin, 2014; Järvelä et al., 2018). LET research contributes to empirical evidence about SSRL and especially designing technological tools for evaluating and supporting SSRL in primary, secondary and higher education contexts (Järvelä et al. 2016; 2017). Recently, LET has been working with innovative methods and tools for learning analytics and physiological measures to trace and model SRL processes and understand learning in individual and collaborative learning. From practical point of view LET has also strong experience of implementing their theoretical ideas in educational practices through their teaching, training programs and developmental projects. Given the previous expertise in SRL theory and the practical developmental work LET has done in terms of SSRL and collaborative learning field, LET will be an excellent partner for this project to leading the drafting of the training methodology of the course for academic staff what is based on socially shared regulation and self-regulation paradigms.
LET is led by Prof. Sanna Järvelä (GSH-index = 60) whose main research interest deal with learning processes in selfregulated learning and computer supported collaborative learning. She is particularly well known from her work on social aspects of self-regulated learning and her research work has also a strong contribution to the methodological development of process-oriented methods in the field of self-regulated learning. M.Ed. Niina Palmu has worked in the business field of education and technology over 20 years focusing on educational systems, commercialization, product development, international business planning and execution. Her role in the project will focus on project management and bringing the experience in creating solutions that are based on latest scientific results to meet the everyday needs of the users. M.Ed. Marika Koivuniemi is an expert in self-regulated learning research and how these skills can be supported in different individual and collaborative learning situations. Koivuniemi is especially interested in to find new ways on how the ideas of self-regulated learning could be take into practice. She is experienced trainer and have been involved in developing and implementing new types of continuing educational solutions.